Q: Why can't I register as a guest yet/anymore?

A: In order to treat the guests to dinner and all of the accompanying gifts and items that make the night special, we must have a count of the number of guests ahead of time. The guest registration for 2018 will be open from 11/15/17 until 1/15/18; we are sorry if anyone misses the deadline. Buddy and volunteer registrations will remain open until a maximum capacity is reached.

Q: Who is eligible to be a guest?

A: The event is open to anyone with physical or cognitive special needs, ages 14 and older. We do not have specific guidelines for the eligibility of guests in relation to the legitimacy or severity of their disabilities.


What is the minimum age for Night to Shine guests?

A: Night to Shine is for anyone with special needs, ages 14 and older. There is no age maximum.


Q: Do buddies for the guests have clearances and training?

A: Yes, all adult buddies have had clearance checks and received training prior to the Night to Shine prom night.


How do I get a criminal clearance to be a buddie or other volunteer?

Everyone must provide a criminal clearance to volunteer at this event. You can secure one by following these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Select “New Record Check”.
3. Click the checkbox that you acknowledge that the clearance is for volunteer purposes.
4. Complete the first form with the following information:
Volunteer Organization Name: Night to Shine
First Name: Mindy
Last name: Bowen
Address: 225 Crowe Ave, Mars, PA 16046
Phone: 724-687-7880
5. Confirm that the information is correct on the next screen.
6. Enter your personal information and click “Enter This Request”.
7. The same screen will come up again. Click “Finished”.
8. Click “submit” on the next form.
9. IMPORTANT: On the next screen, you will be able to print or save a certificate. Click on the control number and then click on “Certification Form” to open the certificate. Please make note of your CONTROL NUMBER and the date you submitted the request. This will allow you to access the clearance at a later date if necessary.
If you have any trouble with this, please feel free to send an email to Mindy Bowen.

Thank you again for your commitment to this event! It could not be a success without generous volunteers like you!

Q: As a guest, do I have to have a buddy or can I bring a date, caregiver, or friend?

A: Prom guests can come as a couple. If needed, a buddy can still be paired with the guests for assistance through the night.


Q: What can parents and caregivers of guests do during the prom?

A: A room with respite activities will be provided for those that would like to stay on site during the Night to Shine prom.


Q: Will medical staff be on site for emergencies during the event?

A: Yes, EMT/nurses will be on site in uniform to attend to guest needs.


Q: Is there a cost for guests to attend or is the event free?

A: The event is completely free for guests and caregivers to atttend.


Q: What is the attire for guests?

A: Female guests are encouraged to wear prom dresses. Please let us know if you need help getting a gown.  Male guests are encouraged to wear a tuxedo, which can be provided through Tuxedo Junction for $69 rental fee, which includes shoes and your choice of color vest or cummerbund and tie. Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance to receive a sponsored tuxedo.


Q: What is the attire for buddies?

A: Buddies are encouraged to also dress up for the prom, wearing “Sunday’s Best” – a shirt and tie for guys and a dress or dress pants and blouse for females. If desired, female buddies may choose to wear a prom gown and male buddies, a tuxedo.


Q: Do you need more volunteers?

A: YES! Please contact us about volunteer opportunities behind the scenes as well as during the prom.


Q: What is available for the Honored Guests?

Dresses for Girls or discounted Tuxedos for Guys
Make-Up application
Up-Do for the females / Hair Styling for the males
Limo ride & walk down the Red Carpet
Gift bag
…A memorable night of fun!


Q: What time should the guests arrive?

A: Check-in starts at 6pm. The “Prom Experience” goes from 6pm-9pm. The first 1 –1 ½ hours is getting paired up with your buddy and going through the ‘stations’ (hair, make-up, flowers, photos, limos). The last 1 – 1 ½ hours is the Red Carpet, dance and dinner.




Q: What is provided to eat?

A: Appetizers, a plated dinner (choices will be made during registration) and a dessert table will be provided. There are also water stations throughout the event.


Q: What time will "A Night to Shine" be over?

A: The event will end at 9:00pm.


Q: Can parents, families, and/or para-professionals attend the evening with the guests?

A: We welcome family, friends, and para-professionals to be a part of the evening by joining our “paparazzi” to cheer on our guests as they make their way down the red carpet.  Parents are also welcome to enjoy our “respite” area and relax during the event if they choose. We do, however, want to allow the guests to engage with their peers during the prom. Unless a family member or para-professional is signed up to be a buddy, we ask that the event be for the Honored Guests and Buddies. If a guest requires constant monitoring, exceptions will be made.  We want the experience to be fun and safe for everyone.


Q: Where can guests rent a tuxedo for a discount?

A: Tuxedo Junction in Cranberry Township (20215 Route 19, Suite #102, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066) is providing a discounted rental special for us of $69 for the tuxedo, shoes, and choice of color vest or cummerbund and tie. Their phone number is 724-776-2210.

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